Addictive Writing

I gotta say, the thing about having a blog and writing in it, it is kind of addictive. I started this project of journaling my feelings about business and blogging yesterday, and just writing a blog post and publishing it to the world made me think hard about how can I fulfill my life with meaningful work.

Yesterday was a Rollercoaster.

One minute I was researching a MBA with full CFA accreditation in Canada so that I could pursue more of an ordinary carreer in Financial Analysis. The next moment I was thinking how easy it would be if I only obliged to what my family and friends expect of me and just passed in a public contest here in Brazil and became a Legislative Consultant.

Many things went through my head and it left me very depressed at where I am at now. A boring, bureaucratic meaningless job that a gorilla would do as good as me. No. Mental. Challenge.

At first I thought “Maybe this entrepeneurship thing is not for me. Maybe I am destined to have a boss and just follow orders.” That REALLY put me down under. One thing I know is that, even though it may not sustain the lifestyle I want, I need a blog-based business to know that I do some real difference in this world.

The “business plan” of yesterday’s post is direct consequence of this mixed feelings festering in my chest. It is really hard to swim against the tide, but this tide is getting me nowhere I want to go, so I guess I have to man up.

About losing Weight

On a totally unrelated topic, I finally took a stand and decided that I have the courage to tackle this problem once and for all. I decided to reframe my weight in pounds, so that I can take the “100kg trauma” out of my chest. There is not much weight to be lost, so everything is going to be alright.

That’s it for today. Maybe.



I am writing this first post as an answer to a very good post on Fizzle by Barret Brooks on December 29, 2014. In it, the author suggests a template for an annual review and planning process for small businesses.

There will be no reviewing, as there is no business yet, but this is probably going to be the first plan ever that is going to be made for my blog/business.

The reason behind this post is that the time to start this business is way overdue. So there was the need to write this down and receive accountability from the universe.


VISION: Learning should be fullfilling and enjoyable for anyone.

The idea behind my vision is that, by facilitating the process of learning, people would enjoy the process more. With the correct tools and techniques anybody should be able to learn what they need and what they want and it should empower them to make a meaningful impact in the world when they apply that newfound knowledge.

Knowledge is infinite and learning should be never-ending. The main reason most people stop formal education is because it is extremely boring. Rote learning is still the norm and there is time and money being left on the table every time someone tries to learn something this way.

The way my blog will impact the world is by creating a new joy in learning for my audience. By not only showing how to do it better, but why they should do it, the people who reads my blog will be able to apply these techniques to learn what they need fast, and start changing the world much earliear than if they tried conventional learning.

One-Year Mission

  • Define my audience;
  • Start the blog;
  • Create a Content Strategy;
  • Have a relevant deadline monthly (achieve something every month);
  • Finish Udemy related courses;
  • Start a Minimum Viable Product;
  • Connect with people already in the niche;
    • Niches to be explored: Memory Training, Study Techniques, Speed-reading, Language Learning

Three-Year Mission

  • Have at least 10,000 subscribers on my email list;
  • Have at least two products launched;
  • Have at least one video course launched;
  • Have at least 200 posts on my blog;
  • Have met/interacted with at least five other bloggers on the field;
  • Have at least 20 guest-posts;

Five-Year Mission

  • Have a podcast running bi-weekly;
  • Become recognized as an authority in the field by my fellow niche-blog owners;
  • Have at least 500 posts on my blog;
  • Have at least 50 guest-posts, at least 15 in blogs only indirectly related to the niche;
  • Attend at least one live seminar where I can network with people in my niche;
  • Have at least five products launched;
  • Have at least three video courses launched;


  • There is power in community. The human being is at its best when together;
  • If learning is not fun and engaging, there is time and effort being wasted. Every subject is enjoyable as long as you give it an honest try;
  • Learning techniques are only techniques. They are not the objective. If a technique is taking too much time to get it “perfect” use what is good in it and focus on the subject you want to learn;
  • Nothing is too difficult that it can’t be made easier. If something is too hard, you should try to see it from another perspective;
  • There are no such thing as wasted learning. Everything you learn helps you become a better person.
  • Education is the only investment with low risk and high rewards;
  • Honesty gives you peace of mind. If you don’t know something, admit it and comit to learning it; Life will be more enjoyable this way.


This is the place that will need more work. Honestly, I am building this for myself. Because I would kill to have such a centralized resource. I will start with my own urges and scour the internet for people with the same needs (Udemy courses on these subjects are very successfull).


  • Reach the 500 posts mark;
  • Have at least 25 podcast episodes;
  • Have at least 2 udemy courses;
  • Have at least 5 ebook/digital content products;
  • Starting to dabble with public speaking;
  • Starting to create a master membership site with all of my products and a nice forum to connect;


  1. Define my audience with precision laser focus;
  2. Start the blog that will be the engine for my business;
  3. Have at least 40 posts online;
  4. Have at least 2 guest posts;

The work to be done is in the priority order. I believe this is not a stretch. The first three months will be dedicated to know my audience and find the topics they need most. I will also find where they are already hanging. The rest of the year will be dedicated to form the habit of writing every day. I believe this will be hard but doable. This goals should be revised at least bi-weekly. Here is to finally starting a business that will fulfill my life!