Addictive Writing

I gotta say, the thing about having a blog and writing in it, it is kind of addictive. I started this project of journaling my feelings about business and blogging yesterday, and just writing a blog post and publishing it to the world made me think hard about how can I fulfill my life with meaningful work.

Yesterday was a Rollercoaster.

One minute I was researching a MBA with full CFA accreditation in Canada so that I could pursue more of an ordinary carreer in Financial Analysis. The next moment I was thinking how easy it would be if I only obliged to what my family and friends expect of me and just passed in a public contest here in Brazil and became a Legislative Consultant.

Many things went through my head and it left me very depressed at where I am at now. A boring, bureaucratic meaningless job that a gorilla would do as good as me. No. Mental. Challenge.

At first I thought “Maybe this entrepeneurship thing is not for me. Maybe I am destined to have a boss and just follow orders.” That REALLY put me down under. One thing I know is that, even though it may not sustain the lifestyle I want, I need a blog-based business to know that I do some real difference in this world.

The “business plan” of yesterday’s post is direct consequence of this mixed feelings festering in my chest. It is really hard to swim against the tide, but this tide is getting me nowhere I want to go, so I guess I have to man up.

About losing Weight

On a totally unrelated topic, I finally took a stand and decided that I have the courage to tackle this problem once and for all. I decided to reframe my weight in pounds, so that I can take the “100kg trauma” out of my chest. There is not much weight to be lost, so everything is going to be alright.

That’s it for today. Maybe.


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